Service and maintenance

CLEAN ROOMS including technology (facility management)

servicing, maintenance and facility management of clean rooms (laboratories, and other areas controlled clean air), technology, atc., including related technology. including partial technologies. With regard to the client's requirements and the importance of the technology, it is also possible to provide a service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7) 

Comprehensive facility management technology of clean rooms:

Comprehensive management cover all client technology: air conditioning systems, measurement and control systems, cooling, heating, humidification, filtration, instrumentation, continuous monitoring, etc..


servicing and maintenance of operating theaters and other areas with high demands on the particle and microbial purity of the air. Including HEPA filter (ULPA) replacement, laminarizator replacement, testing, adjusting and balancing. Testing is performed by accredited testing laboratory (ISO/IEC 17025) according to ISO 14644, and GMP.


servicing and maintenance of complete systems and individual parts. Service and maintenance of entire HVAC systems. Measurement of all air-conditioning parameters, testing, adjusting and balancing.


Testing and routine service for laminar cabinets (replacement of consumables, HEPA filters, prefilters, fluorescent lamps, etc.). Decontamination according to EN 12469 with formaldehyde vapors and, last but not least, safety technical inspections. We provide both our own laminar flow cabinets and devices from other manufacturers.

Before servicing an order we recommended to consult (see contacts or send a request via the web interface).

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