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Microbiological safety cabinet MB120

The cabinet is aimed for applications requiring laminar airflow to protect the product against particle and bacterial contamination and, simultaneously, requiring the personnel protection and protection of the environs against the influence of the product being processed.

  • Fully automated operation controlled by microprocessor unit which ensures for optimal parameters of air flow within work chamber
  • Monitoring of filters clogging, airflow velocity in the working space and residual number of days to calibration of MSC
  • Display of operation time of UV irradiator and filters
  • Program supporting MSC decontamination by formaldehyde vapors


The case of the cabinet is made of sheet steel finished with baking powder enamel resistant against wear and disinfection means. Worktop and leakproof tray under the worktop are made of corrosion-resistant steel. During production, coat of the cabinet is tested, according to EN 12469:2000, for tightness. All materials used within inner space are insorptive and well decontaminable

The work chamber of the cabinet is fully lockable by slightly sloped splinterless safety glass (sash) preventing from reflections and allowing good view over the work chamber of the cabinet.

The MSC works in modes that automatically adjust the case target parameters for the given activity: standby, operation and maintenance (cleaning, decontamination, service measurement). The mode is selected by a key on the control panel and is protected from intervention of any unauthorized person.

Deviation from safe values is signaled acoustically and optically. Display of microprocessor unit informs of the operation status of the cabinet and shows the laminar flow velocity within the work chamber of the cabinet, pressure drop in the filters, operation time of installed filters, operation time of the UV irradiator, residual number of days to the last calibration of the MSC.

The microprocessor unit is controlled through a simple interface. The interface allows to control the germicidal radiator and to select the operation modes for cleaning, sterilization, service measurement or language selection on the display of the unit.

Besides the protection by safety fuses, the equipment is also protected by overcurrent protection. The UV radiator installed within the operation space has IP 65 protection.

Standard equipment

Plain worktop with matte finish protecting against reflections.

Slightly sloped, vertically sliding safety glass (sash); controlled by linear motors with programmable positions: Open, operating position, closed, cleaning position (enables glass cleaning from the inner side).

Infrared optical barrier disallowing clench of hands when closing the safety glass.

Two radial ventilators, controlled by microprocessor unit with respect to measured airflow through the cabinet. The unit compensates for increasing pressure resistance of filters when clogging. The initial state with clean filters is about 60% which allows having filters clogged to about the twice the pressure resistance of initial pressure resistance.

Two HEPA filters of H 14 class in metal frames with covering protection grille and gel seals of bearing surfaces with separability according to EN 1822 : 99.998 %.

UV irradiator with power consumption of 15 W (IP 65 protection), its shape and position ensures for perfect illumination of work chamber without disturbing the laminar flow. The irradiator is controlled by the microprocessor unit allowing for daily and weekly programming.

Fluorescent lamp with 55 W consumption is installed outside of the work chamber itself behind the front glass. It is equipped with stepless power control and allows change of illumination intensity in the range 1-100 %.

Electric socket 230 V/50 Hz in the work chamber for appliances with consumption up to 1300 W, protected by safety fuse and overcurrent protection.

Microprocessor unit controlling cabinet operation and setting optimal parameters of operation and displaying information on operating state and operation time of HEPA filters, germicidal radiator and residual days to next calibration. Communication language can be set for Czech, English or German. Other languages can be programmed.

On customer request we can make alterations, e.g. the all stainless steel case, media connections (gas, water, vacuum, etc.), lockable outlet of the leakproof tray, etc as well as communication in any language.


  • stand
  • mobile stand
  • media connections (water, gas, vakuum atc.)
  • additional electrical sockets
  • special connectors (USB, atc.)
  • special modifications of working desk (openings, atc.)
  • computer communication port
  • user interface in other language
  • stainless steel case
  • integration of clients apparatus, special holders, stands, atc.

On customer request we can make other alterations. We highly recommend consult all the adjustements before the ordering.

Maintenance, decontamination, service

Operation mode „maintenance“, which can be set by a key on the control panel, serves for performing of maintenance, decontamination and service measurements. Commands selectable with microprocessor unit are sufficient for ordinary daily maintenance (cleaning of work chamber) and decontamination. Other functions of microprocessor unit for service operation can be accessed upon submission of the password for service technician.




External dimensions


Workspace dimensions


  width height depth width height depth
MB-120 1240 1400 760 1200 620 540
MB-180 1850 1400 760 1830 620 540

MSC performance according en 12469:2000

Technical parameter MB-120 MB-180
Leaktightness performance LI-C
Cleaning performance CI-C
Sterilization performance SI-C

Technical data

Technical parameter MB-120 MB-180
Supply voltage 230V, 50 Hz
Electrical input 500 W 700 W
Cleanliness class, EN ISO 14644-1/td> ISO Class 5
Cleanliness class, US FS 209E 100 (M3,5)
Clasification EC GMP Volume 4, Annex 1 A
Air velocity within work chamber min 0,4 m/s
Noise level in environment /dB(A)/ max 57
Regulated intensity of illumination of work area /lx/ max 1300
Weight /kg/ 180 kg 260 kg


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