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State of the Art clean room technology
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LABOX Company is a leading manufacturer and supplier of laminar cabinets and supplier of clean rooms turn-keys and related technology.

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Clean rooms and laminar flow cabinets

In the area of services for clean room technology offers a professional service, maintenance, measurement and qualification and validation of clean rooms, laminar cabinets, air conditioning, sterilizers, thermostats, incubators, freezers and other thermal techniques.

For clean room technology (i.e. an area with a controlled air purity) offers a complete provision of all activities related to the investment that is, from entering through the concretization of the study and implementation project, obtain relevant permits, implementation, putting into trial operation to the qualifications and validation of clean room and installed technology and customer service.

Clean rooms and laminar flow cabinets Labox s.r.o.

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The state of the art technical solution of the anti-vibration table with excellent AV parameters and at the same time suitable for clean rooms according to ISO 14644 and laboratories, including IVF.

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Laminar flow workstation for micromanipulation FBB-R-IVF

We are pleased to announce that, within our IVF portfolio, we newly provide a comprehensive solution for micromanipulation (ISCI / IMSI). 

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ISO 9001:2015 recertification successfuly passed

Our company successfuly passed recertification for a new quality management system ISO 9001:2015.

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