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Phone for clean rooms K-2000

Telephone for clean room provides voice communication between rooms of clean room and surroundings. It provides both communication and security functions. Security function do not end on possibility of quick call to help with emergency button, but provides also possibility of automatic answer the call and listen what is happening in room of clean room.

  • State of the art voice comunication for clean rooms
  • Compact construction - smooth, cleanable, decontaminable
  • Superior capacitive touch keypad
  • Automatic answer call , 13 speed dials, 1 emergency button, 3 speed dials, internal real-time
  • Communication over internet/ethernet (VoIP) or analog (connected to analog PBX)
  • Easily programmable (using either buttons or the web interface)

Front panel is flat, cleanable and decontaminable. It meets the parameters of the IP65 international waterproof and dust proof standard, ie. is resistant against splashing water eg. during washing and desinfection. Phone is designed to be easy integrate into the clean room panel with thickness of 60mm or more. It is also possible to install it in plasterboard, or using optional stainless steel installation box for assembly on wall (On Wall Box).

Capacitive touch keyboard is very sensitive and allows control also through the glove. Control is very simple and intuitive.

Phone has an integrated clock, which is possible to synchronize by internet (world time).

Modern construction of telephone K-2000 allows calls over the internet (SIP protocol), or over your existing analog PBX. ie. has its own telephone number and is possible by simple adjustment allowing to make a call also outside the corporate network. Power supply can be realized by standard source 24V, or by PoE (IEEE 802.3af, with full structured cabling). Setting of the phone is being done by special codes via the keyboard or via special web interface. The supply of spare parts is guaranteed throughout the entire product service life.