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State of the Art clean room technology

Design and construction

Clean rooms turn-key

we provide turn key delivery, i.e. full provision of all activities related to respective investment, i.e. from order specification through working out a study and implementation design, obtaining relevant permits, the implementation itself, commissioning of the device in pilot run after qualification possibly also qualification (DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ) of the clean room and technology installed. All activities are executed according to the LABOX project management system, mostly streamlined in years of experience, which is used for investment actions of this type, that are complicated in terms of technology. All activities are also covered by quality management according to ISO 9001:2016, which is independently revised every year.

Typical areas of using clean room technology

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Biotechnology
  • Food-processing industry
  • Medical devices industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Electronic
  • Health service
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Automotive industry 
  • Nanotechnology
  • Scientific research

Typical applications of clean room technology

  • processing tissues and cells
  • preparation of cytostatic drugs
  • production and processing of radiopharmaceuticals
  • PET Center 
  • surgeries
  • microbiological laboratories
  • virological laboratories
  • IVF centers
  • nanofiber production (nanotechnology)
  • biosafety laboratories (BSL 3, BSL 4) 
  • operational, research, manufacturing and inspection premises
  • automotive and electronic production
  • optic, aerospace and other special technology  
  • premises with high-standard requirement on cleanliness (dustlessness), temperature or humidity

System of deliveries and design of clean rooms LABOX your competitive advantage

  • professional and experienced team
  • maximum speed and flexibility
  • cost-effective
  • turn-key solution
  • controlled project coordination and implementation
  • work handed over in time 
  • full certification with worldwide validity 
  • providing full post-warranty maintenance services

Labox supplier system

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Consultation with client - study

The technology of clean spaces is very demanding in terms of money, deserves detail analysis and mainly determination of an ideal construction method, to make it as economically efficient as possible. Always required service life has to be considered, besides the technological requirements. Our professional team has more than 27-year experience in supplies of clean spaces, and regards every clean space individually, taking into account maximum efficiency of the investment for the client. Targeted consultations and familiarisation with requirements are therefore the foundation stone of final success. The result of this step should be elaboration of a study which will represent the base for the following project documentation creation phase.


Design phase

Once the main conception is known, work on the primary design documentation begins to be submitted to supervisory authorities. Mostly it is a project for building permit which has to be presented to the building office. If there are more participants in the proceedings, such as State Institute for Drug Control (local FDA) or National Institute of Public Health (NIPH), we provide the possibility of preliminary approval of the draft design. In case of an on-key delivery, project works on the implementation documentation are worked out so that the construction itself can begin already in the course of the project phase. This is achieved by a sophisticated system that allows coordination on that level by means of which we can reduce significantly the total time of investment implementation.



In case of an turn-key delivery, this part of investment begins already in the course of the project phase. All steps are precisely defined, in order to ensure both quality and timetable.


Measuring and qualification

No delivery is completed unless necessary measurings are accomplished, along with verification of the functionality of all systems and devices. We provide all measurings, quaifications and validations by means of a chain of accredited testing laboratories (ISO/IEC 17025), i.e. through maximum authorisation and independence on the results. All results are valid not only within the Czech Republic but internationally. We provide a chain of tests as follows:

  • DQ Design Qualification
  • IQ Installation Qualification
  • OQ Operational Qualification
  • PQ Process Qualification

Warranty and post-warranty service

Upon handover of completed work to user for usage, the works on the project do not finish for us. This is the time when most functionality and operativeness of the entire work is necessary, often more this time than prior to its completion, in order to avoid any uncontrolled failures and extraordinary events and expenses. This is taken care of by a team of high experienced technicians who provide regular maintenance and servicing of supplied devices, and also provide the client with full information about potential operation costs (such as replacement of filter inserts, etc.). In addition there is a measuring team which provides regular monitoring, qualification and revalidation. On site response up to 24/7. Total service support and facility management.


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Member of

  • Czech chamber of Authorized Engineers ČKAIT
  • Asociation of Mechanical Engineers ASI
  • Asociation of Accredited Laboratories ILEC


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