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Introducing the Future of Laboratories - The innovated FBB workstation - III. Generation

New innovation of FBB workstations brings a new standard to laboratories. At Labox, we believe that true professional workstations must continuously evolve. That's why we're excited to announce the latest innovation in our product line – the FBB III.

What's New in the FBB Gen III.?
- Advanced Features & User Interface: Streamline your workflow with our user-friendly and intuitive interface. SMART Control system CR2000 get a lot of new features.
- Camera live stream: microscopes USB camera or USB webcam in the working space. Usefull to share the screen with clients, students, laboratory information systems or witness systems
- Built-in Voice Notifications: Built-in feature that will speak important notifications as they come in.
- Easy Maintenance: Simplified design makes it easier than ever to maintain without compromising performance and lab safety. The HEPA is being replaced easely from the front side. In-build predictive early alert when the filter needs to be changed
- Innovative Heating Surface (if installed): Completely integrated with the worktop for seamless operation. With overheating protection and full monitoring
- New in standard: Dimmable LED light (for IVF ver. only), USB socket for effortless export of monitoring and audit trail data

Contact us or our distributors today to discuss how the FBB Gen. III can transform your laboratory operations.