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Antivibration table LFM-75

Ultimate solution for ISCI, IMSI, embryo biopsy, and other procedures sensitive to vibrations, like cells micromanipulation. The table is comfortable and ergonomically designed. The microscope is placed on the same level as the table top. The anti-vibration insert has low profile, there are no obstacles underneath the table desk. Table is equipped with keyboard tray, shelf for PC installation and cable organizer.

  • Ultimate antivibration system designed for IVF micro-manipulation
  • Comfortable and ergonomic design
  • Easy upgradable from passive to active solution
  • Maintenance free solution


The passive system LFM75 PST will work in most environment. The system has highly damped step respond. High vibration absorption and isolation performance, due to specially designed passive damping, which works in all directions. Suitable solution in IVF laboratories where people walking, door closing, etc. Installation is simple and the anti-vibration property is stable and reliable.

The active vibration control LFM75 ACT systems are the best solution for microscopes requiring absolute precision. It protects the microscope and the cell from vibrations coming from all directions. The surrounding vibration is measured by the internal sensor, which is transmitted to the control unit. Actuators get order to react with an out-of phase inverse force. The active system is the best AV solution. It works perfectly also in such problematic environment, like double floor spaces or close to heavy road traffic, trams, railways and other important sources of vibration.

The AV table LFM75 has unique feature. The passive AV insert can be replaced by active one without a needs to replace whole AV table.

Overall dimensions 1100-1200x700x750 (WxDxH)
AV section dimensions 305x540 (WxD)
Pull-out shelf for the keyboard dimensions 300x200 (WxD)
Load capacity of AV section adjustable from 15 to 75 kg
Material stainless steel, consrtuction frame: powder coated steel
AV technology Passive (mechanical) or Active (motorized)
Passive AV insert (PST) parameters  
Vibration isolation performance -40 db reduction between 20 Hz - 40 Hz
Settling time < 0.3 sec
Active AV insert (ACT) parameters Vibration isolation performance
Vibration isolation performance -8 db gain on 1Hz; 20 db gain on 2Hz
Settling time < 0.1 sec
Active AV insert (ACT) needs to be connected to electric power source 80-260V/50-60Hz