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Hanging laminar flow cabinet FBB120-R

Laminar flow cabinets with hanging construction can be used everywhere, where is necessary not only to do working process in dust-free spaces, but also fully to eliminate vibration caused by laminar flow cabinets.

Laminar flow cabinet is possible hang up on a wall or on special hanging construction. Working space is not only protected against particle and bacterial contamination, but concurrently also against vibrations, which caused conventional laminar flow cabinets.

Main features contain:

  • fully automatically process
  • control by microproccesor unit
  • large working space
  • high reliability

Main use:

  • work with micromanipulator (e.g. IVF Centers)
  • soft mechanics
  • clean contruction 


Every laminar flow cabinet has fan with electrically controlled electric engine. Speed of fan is controlled by microprocessor unit which reads speed of laminar flow on every displayed on screen of control unit on control panel.

Normally laminar flow cabinets are delivered with set speed 0,45m/s. On request can be speed set from 0.2 till 0.6 m/s. This programme change can make service technician also already delivered and operated device. Setback mode is set by default on 0,2m/s.

Hanging laminar flow cabinet has powerful fan with continuous automatic regulation of speed, allowing keep long term required air flow speed with high accuracy despite gradual clogging of the filter and optimally used to its maximum service life.

Module cover is made from galvanized sheet, whose outdoor side has polyester paint shade RAL9010. Quiet working is ensured quality muffler. Air filtration is provided with standard filter cartridge class filtration H13 (HEPA), on request is possible to install higher class filtration. Frame is made from steel closed sections fitted with highly chemicaly resistant powder paint coating.

Working space of laminar flow cabinet provides class of purity ISO CLASS 5 as EN ISO 14644, as US FS 209E class purity 100, which in pharmaceutical industry corresponds to quality class A as VYR7 (91/356/EEC) .


Border working space

Plastic lamella hignes

Along the perimeter of the working space of laminar flow cabinet is bounded by plastic hinges lamella (lamella width 200mm, thickness 2mm), which overlap, or screen from organic glass

Organic glass/plexiglass

Along perimeter can be work space of laminar flow cabinet bounded by organic glass or plexigall. In case of integration of special technologies, as microscope, in places of glass eyepieces can be adjusted glass to ensure laminar field and also ergonomics for user.


Fluorescent lighting

Lighting of working space is provided by fluorescent body which is integrated into the front panel.

LED lighting

When working with DNA and similar sensitive material is possible to equipped laminar flow cabinet by LED lighting. This is especially suitable for working with cells.



On customer request it is also possible to make further adjustments according to individual customer. (special holders, other colour of front panel - e.g. blue, white etc.)

Version with hanging on wall


With rack construction




Size of working space


Power of fan at

speed 0,45 m.s-1 [W]

šířka hloubka
FBB120-12-R 1160 565 380
FBB120-16-R 1560 565 450
FBB120-24-R 2320 565 760
FBB120-28-R 2655 565 760