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Shielded Laminar Flow workstation for nuclear medicine MBB-NS


The laminar flow cabinet has been designed for isotope preparations requiring the laminar airflow to protect the product against particle and biological contamination, at the same time providing protection to the personal and the environment against the influence of the product being processed and against radioactivity.

The standard workstation fittings is one or two lead shielding generator 99m Tc drawers, one or two lead shielded waste containers, an ionization chamber for radioactivity measurements and shielding (lead wall shielding and movable lead-glass shielding).


A warranty of 24 months from the delivery date is provided for the product by the manufacturer. The guarantee does not relate to the life of the installed filters, the life of which is given by particular operating conditions.


Supply technical data

Lead shielding-walls and working table 5 - 20 mm Pb
Lead shielding -generators 20 - 50 mm Pb
Lead shielding –ionization chamber and waste container 5 - 20 mm Pb
Movable leadglass shielding 300x500x18 mm ekvivalent 5 mm Pb
Movable leadglass shielding 300x500x36 mm ekvivalent 10 mm Pb



External dimensions (without shielding and table)


Workspace dimensions


  width height depth width height depth
MBB-12 NS 1250 1405 780 1230 690 560
MBB-18 NS 1850 1405 780 1840 690 560