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Laminar flow cabinet FBB IVF

Inovated laminar flow cabinet specially designed for IVF centers. The set is made up of components that are tested in practice and provide optimum works with cells and tissues.

Laminar flow cabinet FBB-IVF provides excellent protection against particle and bacterial contamination of processed tissues and cells.

  • Low noise and low vibration
  • State of the art SMART control system CR2000
  • User friendly interface 
  • Low operation cost
  • Remote control and service (iOS, Android, PC)
  • Continuous monitoring of filter pressure drop, temperature and air flow speed in the work area, temperature on the heating surfaces, etc. with data export to email (optionally to USB)
  • Full integration of the microscope solution, including light
  • Lifetime service support 

According to customer requirements are integrated into the cabinets technologies, such as:

  • stereomicroscope
  • inverted microscope
  • heating surface
  • CO2 incubator
  • LCD panel
  • and other


Cabinet workspace provides cleanliness class A according to EC GMP Volume 4, Annex 1. Thanks to a low vibration level provide an ergonomically ideal conditions for working with the microscope.

Operation of the workstation is controlled by the state-of-the-art SMART control system CR2000, which is inspired by requirements fo 4.0 industry. This control system ensures fully automatic operation of the device, local control and also remote control. Workstation it is possible to  control via touch screen or remotely via mobile devices. The display shows all important operating parameters. The flow velocity and pressure drop at the filter are continuously measured and evaluated. These information is processed by a microprocessor unit that optimizes workstation performance, including the fan. This solution ensures compensation of pressure drop increase as the working filter becomes clogged. Compared to other similar devices, operating costs are up to tens of percent lower. The airflow velocity is user programmable in the range of 0.2 to 0.6 m/s. The user interface is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Control of basic requirements, such as switching modes (stand-by, attenuation, operation), or heating plates, lighting, etc. is realized from the one single home screen. The CR2000 control system is continuously updated with new features and meets the latest GMP requirements. 

Audittrail and monitoring are available as part of the new firmware. It is a professional solution that cover the needs of modern quality management. All important changes, alarms and parameters are registered.

During the development great emphasis was also placed on safety. Access to the control system is differentiated according to the level of access rights. Any remote connection is indicated on the screen. Non-conforming states are displayed and recorded within the auditrail, or sent to the responsible persons' email. Electrical safety protecting of the user is enhanced by an integrated residual-current circuit breaker (RCCB).

Workspace surfaces are smooth and easy to clean. All finishes comply with the strict conditions of clean room standards EN ISO 14644. The working desk is made of high quality stainless steel.

The device boasts a very low level of vibration. This is ensured primarily by the use of a quality fan, solid construction and the use of vibration absorbing elements (eg anti-vibration inserts).

The required particle cleanliness in the working area is ensured by a high-efficient filter with an efficiency of 99.995%, ie. class H14 acc. to EN 1822:2009 and ISO 45 Hd acc. to ISO 29463:2011. The laminar cabinet is equipped with a maintenance-free, powerful fan. This allows the maximum filtration capacity of the filters to be used. Under standard laboratory conditions, the installed filters will last many years without having to replace them.

 Recommended combination:

  • laminar flow cabinet FBB-IVF
  • microscope NIKON SMZ745 (800, 1000) with heat plate
  • incubator CO2 Labotect C16 or Selutec TECO 10

The above technological devices are recommended. As a direct manufacturer we are able to provide extra customization and integrate into the cabinet the technology of your choice (including LCD panels, video cameras, microscopes and incubators from other producers, etc.).


For works with heat-sensitive biological material, the recessed heating surface (600x290mm) is integrated into the working desk. This heating surface achieves excellent stability and homogeneity. The top of the heating surface is made of the same material as the surrounding workdesk surface, ie high-quality stainless steel. The basis of the heating surface is a special heated heating glass of a size covering the entire surface. Thanks to this solution, uniform heating is ensured both in the heating surface and in the quartz glass for the microscope.

The heating surface temperature is controlled by means of precise PID regulation within the CR2000 SMART control system. The temperature is measured continuosly with a high precision temperature sensor. The evaluation is continuous and the latest algorithms are used. This ensures fast heating of the heating surface without significant overshoot over the set temperature. The heating surface can be controlled both locally and remotely, both within the local data network and via the Internet. The user is able to control both the setpoint temperature setting and is able to enter alarms according to GMP standard.

Is recommended to integrate the NIKON SMZ (745, 800, 1000, 1250) microscope as the best solution. This microscope achieves top performance. In addition to high magnification and high working height, excellent ergonomics.

The concept of the solution of this workstation allows the integration of the illumination developed by microscope manufacturer. As a result, image quality is maximized, and state-of-the-art technologies (such as OCC) can be used. And even upgrades are possible in the future. 


For storage cells is in the rear panel of the cabinet integrated an incubator CO2 brand Labotect C16 or Selutec TECO 10 with the protection of the CO2 atmosphere. This 16-liter incubators are equipped with two shelves and alarm.


Our solutions are the first choice for important IVF centers in Europe. 

box fbb produktova


Outer dimensions (mm)


Workspace (mm)


Power consumption
  width height depth width height depth (W)
FBB 12 IVF 1180 1320 690 1155 875 610 330
FBB 16 IVF 1580 1320 690 1555 875 610 450
FBB 20 IVF 1980 1320 690 1955 875 610 650
FBB 24 IVF 2380 1320 690 2355 875 610 660

Note: lf you are looking for a laminar cabinet to cover a micromanipulator or other equipment where vibrations must be kept to a minimum, take a look at the FBB-R laminar flow cabinet.

Technical informations
Parameter Value
Cleanliness class pursuant to US FS 209 E 100 (M 3,5)
Cleanliness class pursuant to EN lSO 14644 ISO 5
Cleanliness grade A acc. to EU GMP A
Power voltage [V/Hz] 230V / 50Hz
Air-flow speed (m.s-1)* 0,40 ± 0,05
Noise level at operator workstation (dB(A)) in full mode max. 53
Noise level at operator workstation (dB(A)) in reduce mode max. 49

* adjustable by user within the range 0.20 to 0.60 m.s-1

Control system features: modes selection; user selection with various access level; remote control via Android, iOS, Windows; indipendent timer for heating surfaces; remote service support, airspeed and temperature setting, light level, main filter pressure level, audit trail,validation and service interval warning, alarm system according to the GMP requirement. Complete communication in English, Spanish, Czech language. Other languages can be added on demand.