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Currently the best solution for activities where laminar airflow is required and where vibration is to be eliminated. The workstation has been specially developed to work with cells using micromanipulators such as ISCI / IMSI within the IVF. The assembly consists of components that have been successfully tested in operation and thus achieve optimum performance for special laboratory work. The laminar airflow workstation FBB-R IVF provides excellent protection against particulate and bacterial contamination of processed cells and tissues while fully eliminating vibrations into the work area. As part of a comprehensive solution, the table is equipped with an anti-vibration insert.

  • The most efficient solution for working with micro-manipulators in a laminar airflow area
  • The laminar working area is physically separated from the working desk
  • Fully automated operation controlled by state of the art SMART control system CR2000
  • Lifetime service support
Mikrobiologicky bezpečnostní box MBB
Mikrobiologicky bezpečnostní box MBB
Mikrobiologicky bezpečnostní box MBB
Mikrobiologicky bezpečnostní box MBB


Workstation provides cleanliness class A according to EC GMP Volume 4, Annex 1. Thanks to a special construction it provides an ergonomically ideal conditions for working with the micromanipulator or microscope.

Operation of the workstation is controlled by the state-of-the-art SMART control system CR2000, which is inspired by requirements fo 4.0 industry. This control system ensures fully automatic operation of the device, local control and also remote control. Workstation it is possible to  control via touch screen or remotely via mobile devices. The display shows all important operating parameters. The flow velocity and pressure drop at the filter are continuously measured and evaluated. These information is processed by a microprocessor unit that optimizes workstation performance, including the fan. This solution ensures compensation of pressure drop increase as the working filter becomes clogged. Compared to other similar devices, operating costs are up to tens of percent lower. The airflow velocity is user programmable in the range of 0.2 to 0.6 m/s. The user interface is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Control of basic requirements, such as switching modes (stand-by, attenuation, operation), or heating plates, lighting, etc. is realized from the one single home screen. The CR2000 control system is continuously updated with new features and meets the latest GMP requirements

During the development great emphasis was also placed on safety. Access to the control system is differentiated according to the level of access rights. Any remote connection is indicated on the screen. Non-conforming states are displayed and recorded within the auditrail, or sent to the responsible persons' email. Electrical safety protecting of the user is enhanced by an integrated residual-current circuit breaker (RCCB).

Workspace surfaces are smooth and easy to clean. All finishes comply with the strict conditions of clean room standards EN ISO 14644. 

The main emphasis in the design of the workstaion was absolute minimization of vibration. This is mainly due to the use of a quality fan, solid construction and the use of vibration absorbing elements (eg anti-vibration inserts) and separating the laminar field from the workbench. In the case of a workbench intended for micromanipulation, we use the LifeM antivibration table.  


The top quality anti-vibration table is equipped with a passive anti-vibration insert. The anti-vibration insert is protected by a stainless steel cover. The entire construction of the AV system is recessed into the worktop so that the anti-vibration insert and the worktop are at one height. The height of the insert is adjustable, ie. it can be adjusted to the actual weight of the micromanipulator or microscope. The maximum load is 75 kg and is adjustable from 15 to 75 kg. The desk can be equipped with a keyboard shelf, a PC shelf and stainless steel. The design is suitable for both laboratory and cleanroom environments. The desk can be completed with a PC holder or a keyboard drawer.


Higher level of filtration efficiency

The cabinet is fitted as standard with a Highly efficient filter (HEPA), with 99.995% efficiency; it may be fitted with an Ultra-low particulate filter (ULPA), with 99.9995% efficiency.

Temperature sensor in the working space

For monitoring of the temperature in the working space, a temperature sensor can be installed. Values are being continuosly evaluated according to GMP requirement.

Dimmable LED light

Dimmable feature (0-100%) is suitable to set the comfortable environment in the workspace.

Web camera in the working space

Gives the possibility of video streaming into the local network, e.g. training

 LCD Monitor

For viewing the picture from microscope or micromanipulator the LCD panel (with or without touch feature) can be mounted to the workstation construction.

Uninterruptible power supply UPS

For higher safety of processed material in case of power failure in the laboratory we equip the box with a backup power supply

 WiFi connection box

The cabinet can be connected to the ethernet network. In case there is only WiFi signal, the cabinet can be equipped with WIFI Connection box.

Colour schemes

The front panel can be made in various colours, to match the laboratory's colour standard

FBB R with AV LFM table


Outer dimensions (mm)


Workspace (mm)


Power consumption
  width height depth width height depth (W)
FBB R 12 IVF 1240 2050 750 1150 1450 570 330
FBB R 16 IVF 1670 2050 750 1580 1450 570 450
FBB R 20 IVF 2050 2050 750 1960 1450 570 650
FBB R 24 IVF 2420 2050 750 2330 1450 570 660


Parameter Value
Cleanliness class pursuant to US FS 209E 100 (M 3,5)
Cleanliness class pursuant to EN lSO 14644 ISO 5
Cleanliness grade A acc. to EU GMP A
Power voltage [V/Hz] 230V / 50Hz
Air-flow speed (m.s-1)* full mode 0.40 ± 0.05, reduce mode 0.20 ± 0.05
Noise level at operator workstation (dB(A)) in full mode max. 53
Noise level at operator workstation (dB(A)) in reduce mode max. 49

* adjustable by user within the range 0.20 to 0.60 m.s-1

Control system features: modes selection; user selection with various access level; remote control via Android, iOS, Windows;timer for heating surfaces; remote service support, airspeed and temperature setting, light level, main filter pressure level, audit trail,validation and service interval warning, alarm system according to the GMP requirement


On the demand we can deliver complete solution including the antivibration table, micromanipulator or microscope.

Parameter Value
Dimensions (WxDxH) * 1100x700x750
Adjustable load of AV insert 15 - 75 kg
Surface finish  Construction frame - powder coated steel
Working desk – laminate desk
Weight plate – stainless steel

* dimensions can be partly changed according to the client requirement