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State of the Art clean room technology


The cabinet is designed for applications requiring laminar airflow in order to protect the product against particle and bacterial contamination.

  • Fully automatic operation controlled by a microprocessor unit providing optimal parameters of the laminar airflow in working area of the cabinet
  • Ideal for sterility checkouts, cultivation, etc.
  • Large working space
  • High reliability
  • Easy to clean


The cabinet is equipped with a motor ventilator with electronically controlled electromotor. The speed of the blower is controlled by micro-processor unit, which scans the velocity of laminar flow, and keeps it at the value set in the programme. The scanned velocity is simultaneously displayed on the control unit display on the cabinet control panel, together with the information of supplied output of the electromotor, e.g.: velocity 0.45 m/s (output 55 %).

The above described solution reduces significantly power consumption. Unlike motors, speed of which are controlled by thyristor voltage controllers, this concept consumes only such amount of power which is necessary to achieve the flow rate selected. As standard, cabinet are supplied with programmed velocity of 0.45 m/s.
Upon request, the velocity can be adjusted within the range of 0.2 to 0.6 m/s. This programme change can be, upon customer´s request, also executed by service technician for the already delivered and operated cabinet. The equipment of the cabinet with very efficient ventilator and continuous automatic speed regulation allows long-time keeping of required air flow rate with high accuracy, despite successive filter contamination, thus optimally utilizing its service life. The working board of the cabinet is made of rust-proof steel, the cabinet is lit by side and front window from the surrounding area and also by fluorescent lamp installed underneath the front panel. Electrical safety is increased by means of earth-leakage breaker.

Cleanline level

Cleanless level according to EN ISO 14 644-1: ISO Class 5, according to US FS 209E: 100, in farmaceutical industry: EU GMP class A, in Czech republic according to VYR-7 (SUKL): class A


  • stand
  • additional electrical plug
  • LED lights
  • special opening desktop (scales, microscope, etc.)
  • ionizing bar system for neutralization of static charges
  • integration and installation of special devices, stands, holder etc.

On customer request we can make alternations, e.g. the all stainless steel case, media connection, lockable outlet of the leakproof tray, etc. as well as communication in any language.

We highly recommend consult all the adjustements before the ordering.


Cabinet is delivered, installed and serviced by producer.


The warranty period is set to be 24 months.






External dimensions


Workspace dimensions


  width height depth width height depth
FBB120-09 880 1250 575 860 800 565
FBB120-12 1180 1250 575 1160 800 565
FBB120-16 1580 1250 575 1560 800 565
FBB120-20 1980 1250 575 1960 800 565
FBB120-24 2340 1250 575 2320 800 565


Additional technical information

Parameter Value
Power supply 230V, 50 Hz
Power input at maximum performance 100% FBB120-09  330W 
FBB120-12 330W
FBB120-16 330W
FBB120-20 660W
FBB120-24 660W
Cleanliness class according to US FS 209E 100 (M3,5)
Cleanliness class according to EN ISO 14644-1 ISO Class 5
Quality class according to EC GMP Volume 4, Annex 1 A
Air velocity* /m.s-1/ 0,45
Noise in the workspace /db(A)/ max 57
Noise emitted into the environment /dB(A)/ max 55
The intensity of illumination on the desktop /1x/ min. 500