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Mobile microbiological safety cabinet


MCS IZO 85 has been designed as a portable equipment or to be used in mobile laboratories. The material airlock and the fan can be easily dismounted from the MSC case itself. The MSC case has been equipped with handles for handling. A portable bag and a case for accessories, the material airlock and fan have been used for transport.

The cabinet was designed for the Czech army and was with a great success used in hard war conditions in Kuwait, Afganistan and Iraq. Is suitable mainly for mobile laboratories (military, rescue, veterinary, chemical, biological and many others)


The MSC case is a self supporting welded structure made of stainless steel sheets. An electronic control and light block forms the upper superstructure above the work space. A material airlock is made of stainless steel. The MSC front side is comprised of a removable safety glass that is highly resistant (hardened and covered with a film from outside). The working gloves are made of HYPALON H.0.4 mm. The material is resistant to disinfection and decontaminant agents, UV radiation and practically to all chemicals except from concentrated acids.

The MSC case has been equipped with filters of the H14 class. One filter is situated at the air inlet in the equipment, two separately testable ones are arranged in sequence at the outlet. A fan is connected to the outlet filters cover by means of a flexible 125 mm thick hose. The fan is situated in a separate case. There is a doubled bottom of the work space of cabinet. Under the removable three-part work desk there is a water tight tray with a closing discharge outlet. Inner surfaces of the cabinet can be decontaminated with solutions using a hand shower.

The MSC work space is equipped with germicidal radiator operated with an intelligent timer, a 230V/50 Hz electric plug supplied through a transformer with the possibility of connecting an appliance up to 150W (e.g. a centrifuge) and a light with adjustable intensity. The MSC inner space, included the installed filters, can be sterilised with formaldehyde vapours.


  • stand
  • antichemical filtration system



External dimensions


Working space dimensions


  width height depth width height depth
IZO-85 1280 680 620 800 500 530

Technical data

Supply voltage 230V, 50 Hz
Cleanliness class, US FS 209E 100 (M3,5)
Cleanliness class, EN ISO 14644-1 ISO Class 5
Low pressure in working space /Pa/ min 200
Airflow (regulated) /m3.h-1/ min 100
Noise level in enviroment /dB(A)/ max 50
Regulated intensity of illumination of work area /lx/ max 2000
Weight /kg/ 60 kg