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Modular laminar airflow system fbb 120 portal


Laminar airflow modules can be used everywhere it is necessary to do working operations in dust-free surroundings (for example in health services, pharmaceuticals, precision mechanics, optics, electronics, etc.).

Individual modules can be assembled in rows creating continual working spaces with laminar airflow above work desks or technological lines. The work line is thus protected from particle and bacterial contamination.

The modules are intended for applications requiring laminar airflow for the protection of a product from particle and bacterial contamination. Substances which can endanger a worker’s health may not get released during product handling and processing.

  • Fully automatic operation controlled by a microprocessor unit providing optimal parameters of the laminar airflow in working areas
  • Low acquisition costs when compared with the typical clean room
  • Using maintenance-free fans, which provide maximum reliability even during non-stop operation
  • Assembly form enabling transport of the device through standard access routes
  • Upon request the modular system can be made mobile
  • In case of replacing the technology, the elements can be re-used for covering another technology


The module is equipped with a fan featuring an electronically-controlled electric engine. The fan revolutions are controlled by a microprocessor unit, which monitors the laminar flow velocity for each module separately and maintains the module in the programmed value. The monitored velocity is at the same time shown on the control unit display located on the portal control panel.

The standard velocity of the portals delivered is programmed to 0.45 m/s. Upon request, the velocity can be adjusted within the range of 0.2 to 0.6 m/s. A service engineer can make this programmed adjustment upon request also to a portal already delivered or in operation.

Modules are equipped with high-capacity fans with continuous automatic regulation of revolutions. This enables long-term maintenance of the required airflow velocity with high preciseness, despite gradual clogging of filters, and thus optimal use of the module's maximum service life is possible.

The module sheath is made from zinc-coated metal sheet, whose exterior side is coated with polyester enamel, shade RAL 9010. A high-quality silencer guarantees silent operation. The air is filtered with a filtration element - in standard version with the filtration class H13 (HEPA), upon request a higher filtration class can be implemented. The frame is made from steel closed sections equipped with powder stoving enamel of a high chemical resistance.

Cleanlines level

Cleanless level according to EN ISO 14 644-1: ISO Class 5, according to US FS 209E: 100, according EU GMP: class A, in farmaceutical industry according to GMP: class A



Plastic lamellar curtains

The assembly of laminar modules may be delimited along its perimeter with overlapping plastic lamellar curtains (lamella width 200mm, thickness 2mm).


Light in the working area is provided both from the outside through plastic curtains and by fluorescent lamps placed under the front panel of the portal.


Upon request the portal can be produced in stainless steel version (AISI 304, AISI 316).

Mobile version

Upon request, the module system PORTAL version 2 and higher can be made as mobile.

The integrated version of the ceiling

modul integrovan verze
modul semiintegrovan verze

Portal version

portalova verze

Standard dimension lines FBB120-12


Woring area


Fan input at the

velocity of 0,45 m.s-1 [W]

width depth
PORTAL 12-1 1160 565 380
PORTAL 12-2 1160 1130 760
PORTAL 12-2S 2320 565 760
PORTAL 12-3 1695 1160 1140
PORTAL 12-4 2260 1160 1520
PORTAL 12-8 2320 2355 3040
PORTAL 12-10 2900 2355 3800

* please contact us if you need another dimensions


Standard dimension lines FBB120-16


Working area


Fan input at the

velocity of 0,45 m.s-1 [W]

width depth
PORTAL 16-1 1560 565 440
PORTAL 16-2 1560 1130 880
PORTAL 16-2S 3120 565 880
PORTAL 16-3 1695 1560 1300
PORTAL 16-4 3120 1130 1750
PORTAL 16-8 2260 3120 3500
PORTAL 16-10 2825 3120 4370

* please contact us if you need another dimensions